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Brain Atrophy Recovery Pillfor cerebral atrophy & dementia

Cerebral atrophy is a common feature of many of the diseases that affect the brain. Atrophy of any tissue means loss of cells. In brain tissue, atrophy describes a loss of neurons and the connections between them. Read More

About Cerebral Atrophy

When a disease affects the brain, this causes loss of tissue, which results in loss of cells. This process is called cerebral atrophy. The brain loses neurons as well as the connections between the neurons

A neuron is a cell that contains an axon, which is the extension of a nerve cell. Shaped like a piece of thread, the axon transmits impulses outward. The neuron also contains dendrites and a cell body that helps transmit nerve impulses.>....... Read more

Brain Atrophy Recovery Series

1. Brain Atrophy Recovery Pill

【Composition】 Niu Da Li, Red Ginseng,Wu Zhi Mao Tao, Fu Fang Teng, Cistanche Stem, Cornus Fruit, Finet's clematis, Notoginseng root,etc.
【Action and Indication】 Enrich kidney and spleen, fortify brain and generate marrow, supplement the deficiency of kidney and liver, rectify cerebral arteriosclerosis, cerebral infarction and brain hypovolemia.Used for treating brain atrophy with symptoms of dementia as changes in mood, personality or behavior, difficulty with judgment or abstract thinking, difficulty with memory, thinking, talking, comprehension, writing or reading, disorientation, learning impairments. blurred or double vision, difficulty producing or understanding speech (aphasia), Impaired balance and coordination, localized weakness, loss of sensation, or paralysis.
【Quantity】 5g / pill
medicine for brain atrophypacked medicine
【Dosage】 2 pills one time, 3 times daily. One month constitute one treatment course and 180 pills are in need for one treatment course.
【Price】180 pills cost USD 199.00
【Caution】 The patient must have in the past without cerebral hemorrhage reaction. Otherwise using our medicine is dangerous. Also, very very high blood pressure is a concern. First time taking the medicine, try 1 pill one time, 3 times daily for 3 to 5 days.
【Attention】 No spicy food, no wine, no tea, no fried, greasy, food below room temperature. Taking the medicine orally 60 minutes to 30 minutes before the meal. Stop taking the medicine when getting a cold.
【NOTE 1 】 Brain Atrophy Recovery Pill is the primary medicine used for treating brain atrophy and dementia. But sometimes due to the complicated conditions for some part of patients the assistant medicines of 5 kinds are needed. Please contact our doctor for proper diagnosis first.
【NOTE 2 】 When there is no improvement after taking Brain Atrophy Recovery Pill one month please change to take the following Brain Awakening and Reconstituting Pill.
【NOTE 3 】 To know the exact effect of this medicine please read testimonials

Option 1:
To order one month supply of Brain Atrophy Recovery Pill: 180 pills - at the cost of USD 199.00 and international air postage included---please click the "Buy Now" button below:

2. Brain Awakening and Reconstituting Capsule

【Composition】 Shi Chang Pu, Dan Nan Xing, Jiang Chan, Bing Pian, Shi JueMing, Zhen Zhu, Di Long, Tian Ma, Xi Xin, Hong Shen, Huang Qi, etc. Altogether 36 kinds of herbs. herbs
medicine【Indications】dissipate phlegm, eliminate wind, activating collaterals. Used for treating confused state of mind, aphasia, renal deficiency, bones and muscles aching pain, herbal medicineextremity spasm, hemiplegia
【Dosage】 Four capsulel each time, two times daily.
【Quantity】 288 capsules are needed for 36 day supply.
【Price】 One month supply costs USD 189
【Attention】 No spicy food, no wine, no tea, no fried, greasy, and food below room temperature. Taking the medicine orally 60 minutes to 30 minutes before the meal. Stop taking the medicine when getting a cold.

Option 2
To order one month supply of Brain Awakening and Reconstituting Capsule (288 capsules in four bottles) at the cost of USD 189 (international air postage included) please click the "Buy Now" button below:

3. Brain Atrophy Pill (180 pills) plus Brain Awakening and Reconstituting Capsule (72 capsules)

Option 3
Please take the Brain Atrophy Recovery Pill (180 pills) for 30 days (for adults only, for children it varies) and then use 9 days to take the Brain Awakening and Reconstituting Capsule (72 capsules). The total cost is at USD 219 (international air postage included). Such version is applicable for patients who already have taken Brain Atrophy Pill lasting for 3 to 4 months. Please click the following "Buy Now" button to place an order.

4. Extra Shipping Charge for Urgent Delivery via China Post.

People who demand urgent delivery of the medicine are welcome to pay USD 11.99 as the extra shipping charge. We will choose China Post to ship the order as quick as possible. Please click the following "Buy Now" button to pay for such service.

5. Assisting Herbal Medication

5-1. Brain Vessel Coursing Pill
【Composition】salvia miltiorrhiza, ligustici, astragalus mongholicus, methyl hesperidinum, acid tolperisone, vitamin B6, etc.Chuan Xiong, Huang Qi, Vitamin B6, etc.
【Indications】Supplement Chi and quicken the blood circulation, expand blood vessels and increase the volume of blood circulation. Used for cerebral thrombosis, cerebral arteriosclerosis, stroke sequel, headache, dizziness, hemiplegia, numb limbs, fatigue.
【Dosage】2 pills each time. Three times daily.
【Quantity】30 Pills one bottle. 6 bottles are needed in one month
【Price】USD 11.90 per bottle

5-2. Gastrodia Cerebral Aweakening Capsule

【Composition】Prepared rehmannia root, gastrodia, polygala, ground dragon, acori tatarinowii, caulis cistanchis, etc.
【Indications】Supplement liver and kidney, calm the liver and appease the wind, activate channels to stop pain. Used for insufficiency of both liver and kidney, headache, poor memory, insomnia, response retardiness tinnitus, sore lumbar.
【Dosage】 2 pills each time. Three times daily.
【Quantity】 24 Pills one box. 6 boxes are needed in one month
【Price】 USD 15.50 per box

5-3. Cerebral Rehabilitation Tablet
【Composition】 Prepared rehmannia root, caulis cistanchis, morinda root, cassia, ophiopogonis, caulis dendrobii, asiatic cornelian cherry fruit, polygala, hoelen, ligustici, achyranthis, kudzuvine, etc.
【Indications】 Supplement liver and kidney, rectify brain and benefit the thinking ability. Used for insufficiency of both liver and kidney which results in the poor memory, mental retardation, dizziness and tinnitus, sore lumbar, , tiredness and fatigue, dull expression, thin and pale tongue fur, fine pulse.
【Dosage】 5 tablets each time. Three times daily.
【Quantity】 48 tablets one box. 10 boxes are needed in one month
【Price】 USD 14.50 per box

6. How to Order

1) Credit Card
Payment can be made by Credit Card through and it is very convenient and quick for we have an account with it ( Please inform us if you choose such way and will help to finish the transaction online in a quick and safe way.

2) Western Union or Money Gram

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7. Warranty and Disclaimer

1. We keep our warranty as regard to the quality of our medicine and the description as to the function of all our medicine. And we have the obligation to refund the payment if there is any unconformity.

2. Whenever such things happen as the mail package got lost during delivery, we shall refund the money or re-mail the package as requested by customer after verifying it with post office. For refund please first contact us for details regarding how to return the ordered products and we will refund the payment once upon receiving the intact products returned.