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Brain Atrophy Recovery Pillfor cerebral atrophy & dementia

Cerebral atrophy is a common feature of many of the diseases that affect the brain. Atrophy of any tissue means loss of cells. In brain tissue, atrophy describes a loss of neurons and the connections between them. Read More

About Cerebral Atrophy

When a disease affects the brain, this causes loss of tissue, which results in loss of cells. This process is called cerebral atrophy. The brain loses neurons as well as the connections between the neurons

A neuron is a cell that contains an axon, which is the extension of a nerve cell. Shaped like a piece of thread, the axon transmits impulses outward. The neuron also contains dendrites and a cell body that helps transmit nerve impulses.>....... Read more

Frequently-Asked Questions



1. Question: Judging from your clinical trials, how long do you think it would take for your product to cure my disease?

  Answer: Generally speaking, it requires 14 days to 2 months for patients with cerebral herbs for brain atrophyherbs or dementia to gain improvement, depending upon patients' practical condition. Patients can try one treatment course (1 month) to see the result before taking next step. Such disease is really not easy to be cured and to show the effect it really needs a little longer time. So, patients should prepare a little longer time for improvementl

2. Question: What kind of combination you use very often to treat brain atrophy or dementia? Are there any other options?


:Answer: Most often we choose Brain Atrophy Recovery Pill alone because it has been verified to be effective, less side effect for long time oral taking. Brain Atrophy Recovery Pill can be taken together with Brain Awakening and Reconstituting Pill or Brain Vessel Coursing Pill. To prescribe what kind of medicine or medicine combination it depends upon patients' practical condition which characterise the diagnosis and treatment of Chinese herbal medicine.

Patients are advised to contact us first, then we can sent you a questionnaire to solicit the details of patients. By answering our questionnaire we can understand patients practical condition which can help us prescribe the proper medicine.

3. Question: How long do the effects of this treatment last?


Answer: Once improved, there will be no relapse easily. But patients are advised to take one or two treatment courses in extra to solidate the effect, if possible. Also, please keep a healthy life style even improvement is gained..

4. Question: How many pills are in each box?


Answer: One month supply needs 180 pills for oral taking. 3 times daily, 2 pills each time. Please break the pill into very small pills before swallowing down them several times. Take the pill with boiled warm water after meal. Patients who are very young are advised to lower the dosage accordingly.

Patients can also break the pill into small pills before putting them into boiled warm water, then use spoon to churn the pills and water to make the pills dissolve in the water. Patients can drink the water tea later.

5. Question: Do you offer a money-back guarantee (warranty) if your medicine cannot work?

  Answer: It sounds nice but the practical operation face lots of uncertainty. The first is the establishment of intermediate institution to preside over the process and issuing correct judgment. It is not easy and hope in future there may emerge such institutes.

6. Question: Does your product have side effects?

  Answer: All ingredients are natural herbal medicine and till now we did not receive any obvious side effects reports from patients. Chinese herbal medicine features much less side effects in comparison with Western medicine.